Faller and Syntegon: cooperation in sustainable packaging solutions

Faller Packaging is cooperating with Syntegon, an expert in packaging technology and process engineering.

Faller Packaging has entered into a cooperation agreement with Syntegon, a specialist in packaging technology and process engineering. The two companies intend to harness synergy effects and combine their expertise in sustainable packaging solutions.

Faller, which is based in Waldkirch, Germany, is already familiar with its new partner. Syntegon, formerly called Bosch Packaging Technology, worked with it to develop the Eco Save Pack, a sustainable packaging solution for fragile products. This is a carton tray with inlays that can be adapted to the given contents. All of the package components are made of environmentally friendly cartonboard. The inlays have a chambered design, allowing them to accommodate products like syringes, vials and ampoules. In this way they ensure optimal protection during storage and transport.

The two companies are continuing to develop new ideas for sustainable packaging. Demand in the pharmaceutical industry for recyclable packages made of a single material is steadily increasing – and for good reason: manufacturers benefit from having a smaller ecological footprint and they cut costs by reducing the number of process steps in production. Sustainability is a topic that is becoming increasingly important in the pharmaceutical industry.

For those who would like to see how this works in practice, Syntegon will be offering a webcast with the title “Shape the future of pharma packaging with Eco Save Pack.” Scheduled for 10 December, the webcast will show the advantages and possibilities of cardboard-based packaging for pharmaceutical products. Participation in the event is free, and it will be held in English.

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