Expansion for PH Mountain

On 6th June, Louth, UK-based P. H. Mountain Cardboard Services Ltd begun construction of a new facility, which it will move into in early 2023.

The new site, which covers one acre, will see a new facility, which will allow for significant growth in output from the company.

“We had simply outgrown our existing site,” confirms Nick Mountain (pictured with his father, Peter Mountain, at the new build site). “We will be moving our current machinery to the new site later this year, however it will give us huge opportunity for growth in the future as space has been a real problem for us. We will be installing new material handling equipment to improve efficiency and throughput. Included in the move will of course be the Uni.Co modular cutting machine – this was the first machine of its type ever built by Solema back in 2020 – it really is running well and is part of the reason we had to move – it converts so much board, we ran out of space.”

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