Expansion at Para in Italy

On 19th April, PARA srl is all set to officially open its additional, new manufacturing facility in Quarrata, (Pistoia) in Italy.

As part of a €10m investment project, the Italian manufacturer of materials handling systems has built and additional 8,000 sqm of manufacturing space to add to its existing facility.

The company has confirmed that the range of machinery and products in its current products portfolio will now be split across its two manufacturing facilities, but with the new additional building, they will increase the overall production capacity. The target of this investment project is to allow the company to produce the equipment faster and more efficiently, allowing them to reach a turnover of over €50m within the coming year.

With the additional space for manufacturing, the company is also looking to increase its staff numbers by 50%, resulting in a team of 150 people across the two facilities.

“The exponential growth in ongoing demand requires us to have more operational space,” explains Emanuele Para, CEO. “The new industrial building will enable us to double the current production area. The new factory is using the most advanced construction techniques that, while meeting production needs, also keeps a focus on sustainable development, allowing us to grow in harmony with the environment. The range of technological solutions we have chosen for the new facility will allow us to achieve energy autonomy. In fact, the use of recyclable materials and greenery in the service area will be a pivotal principle for the design elaboration: a vertically developed indoor garden, green roof, shading tree essences on the facades and Pnat’s ‘Air Factory’ for indoor air purification.”

He concludes, “Modernisation and sustainability are at the heart of how we want to look after our employees and customers, all of whom will enjoy a whole range of comforts and benefits to make those who constantly contribute actively to the company’s growth feel comfortable.”

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