Exceptional Baling

Designed and built at the modern manufacturing facility in Sweden where the focus is on efficiency, quality, safety and sustainability, Presona balers are reliable, consistent and efficient. They are designed to cope with rugged manufacturing, recycling and waste management environments.

Company success comes down to experience. Presona have been designing, supplying and maintaining balers for more than 70 years in paper mills, recycling facilities and logistics operations worldwide. In addition, they supply pneumatic waste extraction systems for the graphics, paper and packaging industries and conveyor systems and sorting plants for municipal waste facilities. 


LP Series balers
Presona is best known for its LP Series prepress balers. Versatile and with a range of custom-design features, LP Series balers are used by many blue chip organisations including Veolia, DS Smith, Smurfit Kappa, Asda, Tesco, COOP and XPO Logistics. Innovative prepress technology creates consistent, high density bales which cuts transport costs. In addition, the prepress uses significantly less power than conventional balers, improving operational efficiency and reducing environmental impact while creating “the best-looking bales with perfect stackability”.

Fully automatic LP Series adaptive balers can be used to compact many different materials including OCC, RDF, PET, newspapers, magazines, cardboard, print waste, municipal and solid waste. Models are available to suit low volume processors needing mill size bales up to integrated, high tonnage systems. 

Unlike shear balers, the prepress system does not need to cut off excess material. Instead it relies on an initial pre-compression step to achieve the best bales. This step delivers improved bale consistency. It also gives a higher volume capacity per cycle. Added benefits include improved reliability, less wear and tear, reduced maintenance costs and minimised wire waste. Energy efficiency is another important advantage. The prepress technology means that all of the baler’s power is used for compaction, making LP Series balers up to 60% more energy efficient than most comparable shear balers. 

Anything but standard

Presona doesn’t produce off the shelf balers. Everyone’s requirements are unique. Which is why Presona work with customers to provide a bespoke system that dovetails with process requirements. For ease of operation, all LP Series balers have a pre-programmable control system and panel display which is where parameters can be set to facilitate quick switches between different materials and carry out operational progress checks. All are CE-marked and meet the EU’s machine directive. Moving parts are protected and fitted with safety switches and if a shutter or door is opened during operation, the baler will stop immediately. The design makes regular maintenance a simple task. Steps and work platforms are fitted on the strapping unit and material distributor while access panels and lubrication points are included at key points.


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