EVOL for Ondulati del Friuli

Giovanni Bettini, Sales Director of MHI Europe, has confirmed the sale of an EVOL 100 flexo folder gluer to Ondulati del Friuli. Federico Gollino, owner of Ondulati del Friuli, signed the order in late March. The deal was handled by Fabio Giorgetti, Italian Sales representative for MHI Europe. “This is now the fourth EVOL in Italy,” states Mr Giorgetti. “The levels of interest in this high speed casemaker is high, showing that its specification fits the requirements of many companies in Italy.”

Mr Gollino, whose company is located near Trieste in north-east Italy, said, “We have been looking at the EVOL for some time. We have been very impressed with the machines that we have seen at box plants in Europe, the accuracy of its folding its, in our opinion, second to none.”

“This is a significant order for us,” concludes Mr Bettini. “We have now sold almost 400 EVOL to corrugated packaging producers around the world. We are delighted to be supplying our machine to Ondulati del Friuli; it will be installed in the Spring of 2018.”

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