EVOL for Adami in Brazil

Giacomo Bettini, Senior sales representative, MHI EMEA, has confirmed the company recently completed an agreement with Adami S/A for the supply of a four colour EVOL 100 flexo folder gluer. This will be the 13th EVOL sold in Brazil alone.

Left to right: Heverton Hirsch (Adami), Giacomo Bettini (MHI), Rodrigo Telck (Adami), Ruslan Madedov (MHI), Thiago Da Silva (Adami), Mauricio Telck (Adami), Carlos Filipini (Adami) and Paulo Manzano (MHI).

Located in Caçador in the south of Brazil, Adami S/A is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of corrugated packaging. With a current share of almost 5% of the domestic market, Adami accounts for just under 20% of the total supply of corrugated packaging in the southern region in Brazil. The company specialises in producing corrugated packaging solutions for food producers, supplying around 7% of the national demand in the food sector.

“This will be the first EVOL and the first Mitsubishi machine for Adami,” states Bettini. “The EVOL 100 will be installed in summer 2025 and we are really happy to have sold our high speed casemaker to this valuable customer in Brazil; it certainly allows us to further expand our presence in the Brazilian market for sure. We would like to thank Adami for putting their trust in Mitsubishi and we look forward to satisfying them with our machine and service.”


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