European Packaging Team

Emin Leydier in France, Ondulati Ed Imballaggi Del Friuli in Italy and the Panther Group in Germany have founded the European Packaging Team (EPT). This strategic alliance is aimed at a standardised performance to benefit customers throughout Europe. It should enable the opportunity of a uniform corrugated packaging service to be made available to all customers. The companies are already successful in key markets for packaging and displays made from corrugated board, including Great Britain, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Benelux, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary.


The companies behind the EPT are united by the shared aim of supporting customers with international operations throughout Europe in a spirit of partnership. Although all the individual companies already had cross-border operations in the past, their joint appearance within the EPT will now enable an operating range encompassing the whole of Europe. The companies remain financially independent despite the Alliance. The EPT combines a total capacity of 1.3 billion sqm of corrugated board and 900,000 tons of paper.

The EPT offers companies with Pan-European procurement activities an opportunity to process their entire corrugated board needs via only a single contact partner and allows the participating partners enlarged access to Europe-wide tendering opportunities. The EPT’s organisational structure is designed in such a way that it is represented by the partner company in each country and acts as a negotiating partner. The Alliance has deliberately refrained from any additional administrative structure so as to safeguard proximity to customers and to the markets.

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