Eurographic advances Web-to-Pack business with Highcon Beam 3

Highcon Systems Ltd has recently confirmed the successful implementation of a Beam 3 digital die-cutting system at Eurographic Group in Poland.

Eurographic is the first beta customer to receive Highcon’s Productivity & Quality Boost Package, which enables an upgrade of the Beam 2 system to deliver the full performance of the newly launched Beam 3. With the upgrade, Eurographic expects to process around 25% more jobs per shift than previously possible with its Beam 2 system.

Eurographics is a digital enterprise that specialises in short-run production, dealing with packaging services, display solutions, solid boards, commercial jobs, printing cards, books, and marketing materials. The company is based in Szczecin, Poland, but has its roots in Denmark and a sales office in Sweden serving global customers. In 2023, Eurographic invested in the Highcon Beam 2 to expand into the fast-paced web-to-pack market.

“This upgrade not only expands our capacity, already notable with the Highcon Beam 2, but also streamlines setup, boosts automation, and improves operational efficiencies to improve our end-to-end digital workflow,” said Bartosz Nowakowski, Poland Country Manager at Eurographic Group. “With superior creasing, increased folding force, and precise sheet registration, we improve the overall appearance of our packages, reinforcing our dedication to quality and providing customer value. In addition, it helps ensure faster turnaround of a wide variety of shorter-run jobs for our new web-to-pack business.”

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