Eterna for Boxes & Packaging (Leicester)

Boxes and Packaging (Leicester) has recently expanded its machine park, with the installation of an Eterna flat bed die-cutter. The company says it will assist in increasing production capacity and efficiencies.

The Eterna PE1620SA-Extra was installed by M & K Trading, UK agent for Eterna; it replaces an old machine that had come to the end of life.

“This was an ideal substitute for us with minimal disruption before and during installation and ensured we could continue to run the site as normal,” said Gregor Troup, Managing Director Boxes and Packaging (Leicester). “It took a little less than a week to install and commission the machine; then we were up and running with operators able to implement their training and discover the full capabilities of the machine.”

With improved efficiencies in terms of setting times and production capabilities, the new machine will assist in giving extra capacity to integrate into future growth plans for the site. Capable of handling a maximum sheet size of 1180mm x 1600mm it will be able to support the core business of Leicester customers.

“This is a great time for the team at Leicester, who have been superb during the transitional period and our operators are very much looking forward to working on a machine that is so up to date in its technologies,” concluded Troup. “This machine will form a core part of our business operations and is a welcome investment in our ongoing growth and development.”


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