Essentra Tapes steps up sheet plant support with EASILINER

Essentra Tapes has stepped up its sheet plant industry support with the launch of its new EASILINER release liner range.

Easiliner, a new range of paper-based silicon release liners that protect pressure-sensitive glue lines, builds on the company’s product portfolio to support e-commerce packaging producers. It enables the preservation of adhesive qualities on packaging formats where a glue line is used in production. Paired with the SF-AS DH1 applicator and used in tandem with the widely deployed RippaTape® collection, it represents a complete opening and closing solution for sheet plant converters.

The paper release liners, with seal-when-ready functionality, are available as kraft, glassine, and clay coated liners, at a range of grammages and finished reel widths. Essentra Tapes’ capabilities also uniquely allow for both pancake and traverse/spool wound reel formats, with the latter offering a route to increased efficiency and subsequent cost savings for sheet plant businesses.

“This is another proactive step and one we know is already being well received by our existing client base,” said Ian Beresford, Head of Marketing and Development. “Put simply, this is all about catering for the growth seen in the e-commerce packaging market, as well as maximising the efficiency of our customers’ operations, reducing machine downtime and minimising material changeovers. Our total opening and closing solution now provide the ideal opportunity for businesses to simplify their supply chains by combining applicator, tapes and release liners into one deal and is a great example of how we understand the challenges our customers face and the innovative thinking we can bring to their business.”

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