Esko supports UK customers following Brexit trade agreement

Esko has moved to reassure UK customers that systems are in place to minimize the impact of new trading regulations in the wake of Brexit.

James Mason, Esko Regional Business Director EMEA North, said that although Esko production facilities are located in Europe, the company has taken action to remediate any impact the 1,255-page Brexit trade deal might have on the delivery of goods from January 2021. “Esko-Graphics BV will be operating in the UK, with a UK VAT number,” said Mason. “We will undertake all the export and import activities from Europe into the UK, including customs clearance. The result for our customers is that hardware can be purchased as if it was a domestic transaction, with UK VAT to be reclaimed.”

There will be no change to the current process for customers requiring goods to be shipped to Northern Ireland, in that Esko will deliver the goods without clearance in the UK. The sale will therefore take place as a sale from the European Union, without VAT.

“Esko has worked with all its supply chain partners to be able to continue delivering according to our customers’ expectations,” said Mason. “Our aim is to both minimize any impact and absorb the cost implications for our hardware customers as much as possible. For our software customers, we do not anticipate any changes being required,” he said. “As there is no physical customs clearance process, software customers will continue to receive their invoice from Esko-Graphics BV with 0% VAT charged.

“Despite the trade agreement, these are still uncertain times, and we hope that these moves offer some stability and reassurance to our valued UK customers,” concludes Mason. “We have spent many years developing relationships with print and packaging converters across the country, and we look forward to continuing to supply UK customers with Esko products into 2021 and beyond.”

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