ESKO’s 3000th CDI goes to Clicheria Blumenau

The Brazilian flexographic repro house Clicheria Blumenau has installed Esko’s 3000th CDI. The CDI Spark 5080 flexo platemaking system with Pixel+ is the fifth Esko CDI for the company. Headquartered in Bluenau in Southern Brazil, Clicheria Blumenau has subsidiaries in strategic locations across Brazil and employs more than 100 staff. Technical Manager, Alexsandro Pires, explains, “We chose to add a new Esko CDI to accommodate the needs of our growing business as the primary supplier of flexo plates for the Brazilian market.”

Alexsandro Pires

Alexsandro Pires


The company has a full range of integrated Esko hardware and software solutions for flexo plate production — besides the five CDI units they have Automation Engine, WebCenter and Equinox. All of its systems are fully compatible with each other and its workflow solutions ensure a productive, streamlined and seamless production process.

The CDI Spark 5080 is a full-sized flexo imager able to produce larger format plates for corrugated and folding carton converters. Loading and unloading of the large plates is assisted by an air-supported loading table that makes it easy to move plates in place — and securing them in place is just as easy with the Esko EasyClamp III pneumatic clamp.

With Pixel+, flat top dot workflows can be optimized even more for a variety of flexo plates from DuPont, McDermid and Flint, enabling individual parameters to achieve the best results for those plates. Pixel+ high frequency Microcell screens are adapted to perform at their best for each plate supplier workflow.

The combination of Esko solutions, including the new CDI Spark 5080 flexo platemaking system and Esko Equinox, delivers plates with more precise registration, ideally suited to meet the growing demand for flexo plates that operate well in a fixed colour palette printing process.

“Clicheria Blumenau’s dedication to customer service drives the company to make regular investments in solutions that enable it to continually enhance its production capabilities and quality. Esko CDIs aid in the achievement of this objective while delivering time and cost savings” says Luiz Furlan, Esko’s Flexo Business Developer for Latin America.

“Hitting this 3000-unit milestone is a huge achievement and an endorsement of the performance capabilities of our CDI technology, which is an open system for all digital flexo plates,” says Pascal Thomas, Director of Flexo Business of Esko. “The first CDI was introduced at Drupa 1995 in partnership with DuPont and its Cyrel technology. We have followed that with more than 20 years of innovation, making Esko the leader for CtP Flexo technology with a worldwide market share of more than 70%.”

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