Equipped for quality at Wallace Carlson

Wallace Carlson Printing has improved capital resources to increase its folding carton production capacity with the addition of Leary gluing and quality assurance systems.

Charlie Cox, Chief Operations Officer, said, “Our mission is always to offer the best to our customers. Continuous development in machinery and technology helps advance quality and customer satisfaction, profitability, and heightened sustainability.”

The company has invested $4m in new presses, die-cutters and converting technology. Processes and automation had drastically improved, leaving a bottle-necked post-press. Sourcing a folder gluer with seamless gluing and inspection integration was necessary to maintain quality and production success. The converter opted for a Brausse TA 900 folder gluer, equipped with a Leary glue application system.  Cox added, “I had a good experience with Leary previously and the recommendation from Brausse reassured me about becoming a repeat customer.”

Leary provided Wallace Carlson Printing with an Array LS-916 controller outfitted with three cold glue application valves, three hot melt valves, a glue regulation system and Monet Operating System. This Leary system helps the converter to meet demands while providing highly secure packaging to their customers. The system utilizes automated software that eliminates human error, which can impede any gluing process. This security ensures precise system settings are maintained to deliver the highest product quality possible. Integration of the Brausse folder gluer and Leary Monet software delivers the quickest make-ready times for hardware and software setup which ensures production quality and efficiency.

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