eProductivity Software at drupa

eProductivity Software (ePS) will be exhibiting at drupa in Hall 7A/E03.

Visitors will be able to experience the breadth of the ePS portfolio, providing future-ready technology solutions for every segment of the print and packaging industries and for businesses of every size, globally.

With a solid foundation spanning over thirty years in the industry, ePS is one of the largest software providers in the market with its robust, future-proof ecosystem and offers Packaging ERP, Print MIS, e-ommerce, and industry-enabling point solutions that work with a business’s current technology stack including generic and homegrown ERP/MIS solutions. ePS’ comprehensive portfolio of industry-specific solutions is engineered to increase differentiation, enhance productivity, improve efficiency and margin, and drive profitability through business wide visibility and actionable data and AI- enabling technology.

Highlights of what visitors to the ePS booth will discover:

  • Innovative industry-enabling point solutions: the suite of applications are designed to enhance any existing ERP system,. These applications include dynamic scheduling (PrintFlow4D), real-time shop floor data collection (Auto-Count 4D), and estimating quoting and planning (iQuote);
  • Productivity suites for print & packaging: oOffered as end-to-end suites with out-of-the-box, industry-certified workflows, purposely designed and certified for each segment of the print and packaging market. In addition to the significant value enabled by the breadth and depth of ePS Productivity Suites, significant investments are continuously made to further empowering our customers through interoperability and partnerships with key industry software players such as ECO3, Esko, Hybrid Software, Fiery, and CarbonQuota and leading hardware providers such as EFI, HP, Ricoh, Canon, Konica Minolta, Xerox, FujiFilm, and SUN Automation.
  • Packaging highlights: view the flexible, modular packaging software solutions designed specifically for tag and label, folding carton, flexible packaging, and corrugated packaging industries. The portfolio includes ERP/MES solutions, business intelligence, scheduling, estimating, traceability, and inventory management modules. Corrugated businesses can also learn about ePS’ wet-end and dry-end closed-loop control technology.
  • ePS Automator: is a robust enabling infrastructure allowing print and packaging companies to orchestrate and optimise their ecosystem across multiple technologies and vendors. Automator is now an AI assisted product offering copilot support enabling you to discover areas of automation opportunities throughout the production process to gain efficiency and reduce human errors.



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