Enpro at drupa

The first ever presence at drupa for Enpro will be used showing the recently introduced Splicer combined with the proven MAS Multi Application System, in Hall 10/D32.

While the MAS (an example pictured left) is the workhorse in the Enpro program for three years, its capabilities are constantly improved. Developed for silicone paper, the MAS is meanwhile also used for not self-adhesive tear tape, plastic or paper based.

Not touching the product, tear tape can be applied also on instable paper products, with 2 to 2.5 mm wide hotmelt coating underneath. With corrugated and cardboard, the much higher running speed combined with minimum gaps will boost the output, with a process safety not seen before. Many issues often seen with self-adhesive tape, like ‘glue bleeding’ or a reduced adhesive strength on several times recycled board, become non-issues Tear Tape Enpro Style.

After reinforcing tape, linerless labels were also successfully tested. Along with the sustainable linerless labels, also labels with carrier material are the next steps in expanding the MAS capabilities.

Reducing downtime is a key increasing output. With 3 roll changes per hour a machine runs only 45 mins. Using a MAS with cross-wound bobbins means stopping only once, and using the Splicer means no stop at all, but full 60 minutes production.

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