Enfocus announces major feature updates for PitStop and Griffin

Enfocus has released significant updates to PitStop and Griffin. The 2024 March releases (PitStop 24.03 and Griffin 24.03) introduce innovative features designed to streamline wide format print production. With an emphasis on powerful new editing capabilities and seamless workflow integration, the company says these updates enhance efficiency, quality, and collaboration for print service providers.

PitStop Pro and Griffin now work together. For printers using Griffin, it’s as simple as opening a 1-Up file, sending it to PitStop Pro to add cut lines and bleed, performing preflight – or using any other PitStop feature – then saving to update the file in Griffin. This unified solution will enhance operational efficiency for wide format printers, enabling them to get optimized files requiring cut paths, bleed, and other modifications to press faster.

The updates to PitStop and Griffin also mark a new release cycle for the products, promising feature enhancements three times a year – a significant increase from the previous update cycle. This more rapid iteration will help meet the fast-evolving needs of the print industry.

The updated versions of PitStop and Griffin are available now.

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