Energy and adhesive-saving hot melt application head

The new Volta hot melt jetting head from Robatech shows how sustainable gluing works. Volta stands for economy and highest process reliability in adhesive application in packaging lines.

The Volta electric hot melt jetting head brings precision and efficiency to the gluing process and reduces maintenance to a minimum. Volta reliably applies short adhesive beads precisely to the smallest flaps and cardboard surfaces.  Thanks to its high switching frequency, Volta is also suitable for adhesive-saving hot melt stitching. This economy results in a fast return on investment.

Save energy and adhesive with Volta

Conventional compressed air application systems are maintenance-intensive and cause high operating costs. Compared to Robatech’s SX pneumatic application head, Volta requires about 60% less energy and is pleasantly quiet at 60 dB(A).

But it is not only the energy requirement that is reduced. Volta’s electric drive is fast and precise. With a switching frequency of 200 Hz, Volta is suitable for hot melt stitching. In stitching, the adhesive is not applied in beads, but in a precise dot application. Stitching means that the adhesive process requires up to 40% less adhesive than bead application. Low wear despite high switching frequencies is another advantage over pneumatic application heads.

Reliable and precise – even under harsh manufacturing conditions

Volta is perfectly suited for use in harsh manufacturing environments such as those found in the packaging industry. With the highest precision, Volta delivers reliable adhesive application over the duration of 1 billion operating cycles. With its compact steel and aluminium design, the electric application head is robust and tough. The absence of dynamic seals also makes Volta low-maintenance. Cardboard dust and water jets cannot harm the application head with protection class IP55. Various hot melt nozzles are available for applications in the packaging industry. The nozzles are adapted in diameter and channel length to the production requirements in the production line. The optimised nozzle geometry also enables excellent adhesive tear-off behaviour and thus precise adhesive application.

Process stability even at high switching frequencies

Thanks to the electric drive with a switching frequency of 200 Hz, Volta produces a precise and repeatable dot and bead application with an exact tear-off. The uniform temperature distribution in the hot melt jetting head also contributes to the excellent quality of the adhesive application. The innovative CoolTouch insulation of the nozzle ensures constant adhesive viscosity. An adhesive filter is integrated in the heating block, reducing nozzle clogging and thus downtimes. For a constant adhesive quantity over the entire service life of the application head, the stroke can be adjusted manually if required.

CoolTouch insulation protects operators and products

As the name suggests, CoolTouch insulation provides reliable protection against burns if operators accidentally touch the jetting head. The innovative insulation reliably reduces heat radiation, making Volta ideal for applying adhesives to heat-sensitive products such as chocolates or medicines.  The hot melt jetting head is equipped with this insulation as standard, even for multiple application heads. In addition, Volta has a touch protection on the holder.

Straightforward system integration thanks to intelligent control electronics

Volta can be integrated also into existing packaging lines via a 24 VDC interface and can be controlled directly via a PLC, without an additional booster. Alternatively, Volta can be controlled by the melters of the Concept and Vision product lines via the integrated control. The slim design facilitates mechanical installation in a packaging line, especially in the case of multiple application heads. Various options are available for mounting the electronics unit.


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