Emmepi Group robotics becomes a reality, with first installation completed

Emmepi Group has confirmed that in July, its first robotic palletiser for a folder-gluer line was installed.

“The corrugated industry is becoming fully automated thanks to Emmepi Group, a leading company in the sector,” said Alberto Fioriti, CEO, Emmepi Group. “The new Robotica division, which was introduced by the company just a few months ago – have now designed a system to automate folder-gluer lines, becoming a reality.”

Emmepi Group, with the new Robotica division specifically created for robots, has designed a new robotic palletiser, developing a new concept of ‘clamp’ to palletise most types of boxes coming out from a folder-gluer. The designed clamp uses both a self-excluding vacuum system and mechanical handling blade. The system can pick up boxes in three modes: using vacuum, blades, or both systems. The clamp also allows for stacking alignment, achieving a quality similar to a traditional palletiser. The robot also enables quick format changes, optimising production timing.

Emmepi Group has chosen to aim for top quality by selecting the best brands in the market for automation products, including the ABB robot, which offers cutting-edge software, maximum speed, and reliability, along with a worldwide network of post-sales and service support.

“This is a significant step forward for Emmepi Group, which has always invested a portion of its revenue in research and innovation, allowing it to offer turnkey solutions to the corrugated industry, reaffirming our leadership in the sector as a leading partner for customised solutions,” concluded Fioriti.

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