Emmepi for Speidel

Founded in 1981 and now being run by the second generation, Speidel GmbH manufactures a wide range of heavy duty corrugated packaging solutions for a diverse range of industrial uses, such as automotive, medical, IT and furniture. The company serves customers in southern Germany, Switzerland and northern Italy.

Due to the size of the cases being made, the company has to ensure pallet loads are stacked and strapped securely. The most recent investment has been in an Emmepi pallet press, which was sold and installed by the Italian manufacturer’s German agent, Alex Steinmüller, CEO of ASC-Global.

“Our new Emmepi strapping center works in a fully automatic mode and recognises the amount and arrangement of the pallets,” explains Achim Schuele, CEO of Speidel. “Installing this line has reduced the bottleneck in our factory and it can be run by one operator, giving it an excellent return on investment.”

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