Redesigned Crush Tester

Emerson’s Model 1210 Crush Tester is a robust, rigid support, single column type compression tester designed to determine the compressive strength of various material samples for many industries, including paper and corrugated. It incorporates several new features and improvements, such as touch screen buttons on-screen with a new, nearly-flush display; a recessed console that is shielded from glare and recessed for protection, and a new noise dampening enclosure that reduces machine operation noise to near-inaudible levels.

New electronic layouts with enhanced support, plus increased enclosure mechanical strength, allow the unit to survive greater G-Shock during moving or shipping. The top of the Model 1210 has been maximized to allow more area for test staging.

A greatly increased base mass increases external vibration resistance of test mechanisms. The new model design allows the electrical rack back panel to swing down, exposing all electrical components for easy troubleshooting and maintenance. The consolidated design allows complete replacement of the electrical rack to be shipped to the end-user for fast replacement in the field.

Additional support has been added for USB Wi-Fi dual band Ethernet (purchased separately) and 10/100 wired Ethernet bulkhead connector (planned future expansion). USB inkjet printers are supported up to dotNET4.5 (low resolution printers via basic printer drivers).