Embossing Plus increases value-adding capabilities with NOVAFOIL

Ever since Embossing Plus decided to bring in larger format finishing equipment 20 years ago, BOBST has been a valued partner for the Minnesota-based company. Now the trade finisher is accelerating its offering with a new NOVAFOIL 106 hot foil stamper featuring premium cross and inline foiling to provide cost-effective and versatile embellishment options. ​

An array of Bobst flatbed die-cutters, folder-gluers and foiling machines have enabled Embossing Plus, Inc. to deliver a full range post-press services to customers across the United States since 2003. The trade finishing supplier prides itself on offering the highest quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service, and the company is known in the industry for meeting even the most impossible deadlines.

The decision to add a Novafoil 106 was made in response to customers’ demands for highly embellished print products, short lead times and to maintain the company’s competitive edge.

“We count ourselves among the nation’s premier print finishing companies, and our capacity and capabilities are nearly unmatched. To stay in this position, we continue to invest in innovative and productive technologies, most recently with the purchase of the impressive Novafoil 106, which is our sixth Bobst press,” said Leon Spencer, President and CEO.

The team at Embossing Plus can now create more value for customers as well as enjoy high productivity with an output of up to 7,000 sheets per hour depending on the complexity of the job design. Faster makereadies, user-friendly ergonomics, semi-automatic foil roll changeovers, and great machine stability further contribute to the efficiency, while the intuitive navigation of the HMI and automatic setup for repeat orders make life for the company’s operators simple and easy.

Specifying the Novafoil with the optional cross foiling module has given the company a more cost-effective and sustainable way of foiling as it allows them to cover designs using less of the expensive materials. Spencer adds, “We are seeing amazing savings on foil of up to 50% on some jobs due to the cross foiling capability. Obviously, this saves an enormous amount of money on large jobs, as well as time and waste, meaning we can deliver faster and at a great price.”

He concludes, “We now have four Bobst foilers and two die-cutters working away under our roof. The steady purchase of machines from Bobst really shows the sustained growth of Embossing Plus, and our reliance on them as a partner in expanding our business.”

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