EMBA Machinery introduce 295 QS Ultima

At the recent FEFCO Technical Seminar, EMBA Machinery AB confirmed the expansion of the Ultima machine range, by introducing the 295 QS Ultima.

The company said that the 295 QS Ultima will bring flexibility and top-class performance to the larger box segment and by offering DualBox production, new levels of productivity will be reached. It contains all the benefits and features you would expect from EMBA’s Ultima machines.

“Adding this machine size to the corrugated industry means we now offer a machine range that will cover many of our customers need,” explains Esa Koski, VP Sales & Marketing. “It creates great customer value by the fact all sizes are based on the Ultima platform with the same technologies and benefits and with a high degree of recognition for operation and maintenance.”

He concludes, “As always, our focus and development are customer-driven and since the first 295 QS Ultima machines are already sold, we are convinced that this will be a most welcome contribution to the market and into the Ultima family.”​​​​​​​

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