Ellis Leaps Into Well

Scott Ellis Ed.D has established Working Well LLC, a new consultancy to serve leaders, teams, and businesses with training, coaching, and resources for optimal productivity. He was a founding partner of the PSquared team, and will continue to work on cooperative projects with P2 as needed. One such project is the recently published Changed People Change Process: build a continuous improvement culture where people act like they own the place available at Amazon books.

When asked how a doctor of psychology helps business, Ellis said, “I describe myself as a Culture Tech because my job is to help you fix what is ineffective about the way things are getting done. Then I get out of the way.” Ellis has served as a resource for development of individuals, teams, and organizations as a teacher, a licensed psychotherapist, a certified professional coach, and occasional GM. His pragmatic approach and demeanor are shaped as much by his early years laboring in lumber mills and construction as they have been in the boardroom and the university. His work with business in recent decades has primarily focused on the printing and packaging industries.

When an objective, data based, assessment of the current state of operations and culture is required Working Well provides the facts with a kind and actionable delivery. Custom training, coaching, and resources develop the ability to eliminate obstacles and sustain more effective and profitable results.  

Ellis can be contacted at [email protected]

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