Folding Carton

With new KBA-Iberica Optima 106 K diecutter

Canadian packaging specialist Ellis Paper Box, a member of the Ellis Group, the country’s largest privately-held manufacturer of folding cartons, has made it its mandate to understand and respect the demanding standards required by the pharmaceutical industry. “We offer a total in-house capability to control all aspects of structural design, electronic proofing, and die making. Our three phase electronic verification is critical to our assurance of full responsibility for product quality and compliance to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP),” said Dave Ellis.

That thought-process was critical in the purchase and installation of another new Optima 106 K diecutter from KBA-Iberica last summer. The purchase is part of the Ellis Group’s investment in new automated high-speed diecutters across its three facilities with another new diecutter purchased from KBA North America being installed at a sister facility, Ellis Packaging, later this year.

“The KBA-Iberica Optima 106 K diecutter has become our workhorse in the die cutting department,” said Ellis. “It is capable of handling production of paper, cardboard, plastic and corrugated boards up to 1.5mm. It is running at 8,000 sheets per hour. We currently operate it two to three shifts per day, five days a week. Our preference is to schedule all jobs containing detailed embossing and critical print to cut registration on this new machine.”

Left to right: Tom Fitzgerald, KBA-Iberica manager, Mike Gibson, Ellis Paper Box plant manager, and Dave Ellis, Ellis Paper Box president