ELCEDE again for Laserpack of Russia!

Marc Butenuth, Managing Director of Germany based ELCEDE Electronic Laser Consulting Engineering GmbH, has confirmed the company has recently completed the installation of a new LCS evo DC020 at a customer’s site in Russia.

“We continue to work diligently during the vacation season to complete our projects,” says Butenuth. “Our technicians are at our long-term partner Laserpack in Russia to install the newly delivered machines. The first one is already ready for operation – a LCS evo 2215 DC020 with the fast etching head QUICKSCAN.

Vladimir Kopylov, Owner, Laserpack said, “ELCEDE never stops developing its well-built machine concepts. We are really happy with new machine, especially as it is more efficient in comparison with our older LCS machines.”

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