E+L Skiver Line enables the joining of narrow rolls

Erhardt+Leimer’s latest development, the ‘Skiver Line’, enables corrugated board producers to increase their profitability by utilising narrow paper rolls which result from the paper manufacturing and slitting process at the paper mill.

The Skiver Line is a one-step process which joins two narrow rolls to form a full width paper roll, which can then be converted into corrugated sheets without any adverse effect to the performance of the finished box.

Utilisation of narrow reels ensures that paper producers can eliminate the costs associated with recycling narrow paper rolls which can not be sold. Similarly, corrugated board producers can reduce the cost of production by taking advantage of the price discount associated with narrow rolls which can not be run on a standard corrugator.

Central to the Skiver Line process is the centre splice function which joins the two paper webs and converts the narrow rolls into a full width roll. The first step in creating the centre splice is to grind the two corresponding paper edges to form an accurate chamfer profile. Glue is then applied to one paper edge and the two paper webs are constantly guided together to ensure an accurate and consistent centre splice which has constant thickness.

Optimum machine efficiency is ensured by the inclusion of automatic splicing systems within the unwind section. The rewind section features a two drum surface rewinder to ensure optimum rewind quality and ensuing maximum unwinding performance on the corrugator.

In order to keep production costs at an absolute minimum, the Skiver Line has been designed to be able to be run by only two operators. The robustness and reliability of the Skiver Line is synonymous with all E+L products, allowing the Skiver Line to be utilised 24/7 with minimal scheduled maintenance.


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