Eighth Chalmers DST for Green Bay Packaging

With the startup of Green Bay Packaging’s new paper machine just weeks away, the Kalamazoo, MI division purchased a Chalmers DST to enhance their testing lab and compliment their design capabilities. This will make eight Chalmers DST for the group as they make light-weighting and right-weighting a priority.

The Chalmers DST measures the structural quality of combined board produced at the corrugator and measures the damage (crush) that occurs during the converting process. This quality can be compared to what should be obtained on undamaged board and a Performance Indicator calculated. The DST provides feedback in twelve seconds so real time on machine adjustments can be implemented.

Based on the calculated Performance Indicator, the DST can give a good idea of what the likely stacking performance will be and also the effects of cyclical humidity creep. It provides an accurate indication of how a box will perform in a real world environment.

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