EFI launches new Nozomi 14000 LED single-pass Printer

EFI used CCE International to launch its newest, high-speed inkjet solution for corrugated – the EFI™ Nozomi 14000 LED printer. This direct-to-board digital printer leverages Nozomi single-pass UV LED inkjet technology with new advancements that bring enhanced productivity, reliability, value and flexibility to the packaging market.

The company says this printer is an ideal product to make the leap to digital, with its attractive capital investment, its robustness, and its smaller footprint, the EFI Nozomi 14000 LED can democratise the technology and reach the mainstream market. It is designed to offer a strong balance between material handling and print quality, solid color reproduction and text, and many other factors for a solution that combines innovation with the rigorous demands of daily use in a corrugated box plant.

Available this year, the 1.4m (55”) wide printer offers remarkable throughput while meeting converters’ needs for more compact production. It also boasts a robust design for heavy industrial use, high reliability and productivity. Converters gain the versatility to print nearly all flute types and high uptime with enhancements to automatically reject damaged boards without stopping production.

“This evolution in EFI’s Nozomi technology delivers a tailor-made solution to meet the current demands of customers,” said Evandro Matteucci, VP and GM, Building Materials & Packaging, EFI. “This new solution builds on the technology that defines our Nozomi platform. The EFI Nozomi 14000 LED printer is the robust industrial solution the market has been waiting for.”

Users can choose from a range of configurations to complement individual needs, with single or dual bottom feeder options, a roller coater capable of applying higher amounts of primer, an optional varnish station for creating a satin finish, and full or bundle stacker options. Available with up to seven colours, the EFI Nozomi 14000 LED printer’s high-viscosity inks provide outstanding colour registration and coverage, and its high-speed, non-clogging, high-performance jetting printheads deliver accuracy and smooth colour gradients.

The new printer features image management and data collection software, as well as a new interface. A new version of the EFI Fiery® NZ DFE used to drive the printer enables quick processing and outstanding colour management at full printer speeds. Plus, the Fiery DFE can connect users with EFI IQ™, a robust, comprehensive suite of cloud business intelligence and management solutions.




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