EFI Implementing Price Increases for Inkjet Inks, Supplies and Parts

Electronics For Imaging, Inc. has said that in light of numerous market changes affecting costs for materials, components, chemicals, global freight and logistics, it will be implementing price increases for its inkjet inks, parts and supplies.

EFI™ will be implementing the price changes – which will apply to inks, supplies and printer parts across EFI’s range of equipment including Nozomi  – as of July 1, 2021. Price increases will vary by product; EFI will be communicating specific increases directly to customers and channel partners.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, EFI has worked diligently to solidify our supply chains and maintain the best quality and consistency available with all of our inkjet products,” said Scott Schinlever, COO, EFI Inkjet. “While we have taken consequential action to contain costs, lingering market challenges have led to a price adjustment needed to ensure continued, uninterrupted supply to our global customer base.”

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