Efficient full sheet delivery in packaging production

With its universal sheet delivery, Marbach features a special tool technology in its portfolio that is used for small orders or where customers do not want to use blanking for a job but still attach importance to efficiency. The universal sheet delivery is used in the upper part of a blanking station to perfectly stack die-cut sheets.

Jan Brunner, Sales Manager, Marbach, says. “With our universal sheet delivery technology, the sheet delivery in the blanking station of a die-cutting machine can be upgraded in such a way that the full sheet delivery can be quickly and easily adapted to each individual job – without any long set-up times. Compared to conventional solutions, the changeover from blanking to sheet delivery and vice versa is fast and efficient. But the time aspect in the die-cutting process is not the only major advantage of the universal sheet delivery. The precise stacking of the sheets ensures smooth further processing in the folder gluer.”

Marbach customers who already use the universal sheet delivery find it reduces work. They are enthusiastic about the easy handling, the short set-up times and the operating characteristics of the tool when used on the die-cutting machine. Some customers also report higher machine speeds that can be achieved with the universal sheet delivery compared to conventional systems, as the sheet delivery functions more reliably and without disruptions.

The universal sheet delivery can be used both for jobs with and without double knives. This ensures successful use in the pharmaceutical and tobacco sectors. The universal sheet delivery is available in the machine formats 102-106 and 6.

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