Efficient blanking

Marbach offers various blank separation solutions for separating blanks in packaging production.

One of these technologies, which is proving popular, is the marbablanker. This is because this blanking tool is characterised above all by short set-up times and good handling during packaging production.

Bernhard Reisser, Industry Manager, Marbach, explains, “For repeat orders, we recommend the marbablanker to our customers. This is because the marbablanker is individually tailored to the customer’s needs. But not only that. It is also up to 50% lighter than a comparable tool in solid steel design and yet stable. The tool frame, made of high-strength aluminium profile, is always custom-designed and firmly connected to the actual separating grid. For our customers, this means short set-up times and an overall fast and smooth blanking process.”

The separating grids of the marbablanker can be designed in various materials; there is a choice of wood, steel rails, steel plates or milled aluminium separating grids. In this way, the marbablanker can always be optimally designed depending on the requirements of the layout.

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