EdgePack Carton Accumulator

WSI Global offers EdgePack, a semi-automatic carton accumulator that it says dramatically increases production speed and worker safety over manual case packing.The EdgePack is situated after a folder/gluer in a carton converting line, where it turns the folded and glued carton shingle onto its folded edge. The EdgePack maintains the counted kick and lines cartons up for tray or slipsheet case packing, all while eliminating the repetitive wrist motion required by packers in manual case packing operations.

It is designed to handle small-to-mid-sized straight line variety cartons.This innovative semi-automatic case packing machine relies on belts to move cartons, eliminating any scratching or printing disruption. The EdgePack delivers extreme ease of make-ready, with setup taking place as the carton shingle moves through the machine.The EdgePack can increase production speed up to 30 per cent and reduce staffing demand, leading to a rapid ROI. The machine can be configured to pack cartons with the glue lap up or down, and features casters for mobility and flexibility in moving between lines.

Edge Pack

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