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Additional Production Site for Mexico

The Edelmann Group has opened a second production facility in the north of Mexico City, located approximately 55km from the current plant, at Maiz 53. The additional plant, with an overall area of 14,400sqm, comes as a strategic move to increase capacity to support the growing demand for its customers.

The new plant will specialise in consumer brands and health care in particular, which are two of the three Edelmann Group core markets, alongside beauty care. The latter will remain the main focus of the intial production site. “Our second site in Mexico City significantly enhances our local production capabilities, allowing us to better serve our customers and to offer them the best facilities.

At Edelmann Mexico, we are proud to strengthen our presence in the region and hope to not only make an impact for our customers, but also for the local economy,” says Alejandro Galvez, Managing Director of Edelmann Mexico. It is projected that the production site will create between 80-100 new job within a year of opening.