ecoveritas takes aim at regulation complexity with digital tool suite

ecoveritas has shared its perspective on evolving regulations that lay ahead of the packaging industry, which in turn, have shaped the development of a suite of tools available to brands.

With the UK Plastic Tax around the corner and EPR climbing the packaging agenda, the business believes it’s more vital than ever that brands take a data-centric approach to managing packaging. Aiming to create a clearer and more effective packaging sustainability programme, ecoveritas has developed a diverse suite of digital tools to make the process simpler.

Kathy Illingworth, Head of Consulting, ecoveritas, explains, “The thing we are consistently seeing is brands asking whether their industry is ready for the imminent changes. With responsible business dominating a lot of today’s discussion and regulations that are quickly evolving, it could potentially be difficult for businesses to put a flag in the sand and say ‘yes, our business is ready’ while so much feels in flux.

“Over the last few months, we’ve made it our priority to play our part in demystifying producer responsibility regulations. A great example is our plastic tax calculator, a free-to-use tool on our website that helps brands to discover potential tax liability. There’s a real risk of brands underestimating potential costs when we see the £200 per tonne headline, but we want to make it clear and transparent so there are no hidden surprises.

“For brands, preparation is absolutely key to ensuring packaging continuity. To support our customers operating internationally, we have also developed a comprehensive EPR matrix that outlines, country by country, the obligations brands will need to meet. The idea is to provide instant, clear access to information that doesn’t leave room for interpretation or confusion. The matrix includes elements such as EPR legislation, recycling labelling, voluntary schemes and more, all updated on a quarterly basis.”

ecoveritas has also launched a brand-new platform, ecoview, a sophisticated online analysis and reporting tool for brand owners. The platform provides users with full transparency of packaging data at even the most granular level. ecoview is designed to make reporting simpler and data more accessible, regardless of business size or supply chain complexity.

Illingworth concludes, “It can easily feel like new regulations are pulling businesses in every direction, particularly those operating internationally. With our growing suite of tools, we’re sending a message to the packaging sector that it doesn’t need to be overwhelming or over-complicated; it can be straightforward and clear. We will continue to develop our range of services, including software technologies, to ensure today’s brands have all tools they need to stay ahead and succeed.”

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