ECMA releases ‘European Carton Prospects Report 2023’

Mike Turner, Managing Director, European Carton Makers Association (ECMA), has confirmed the release of a new document.

The ‘European Carton Prospects Report 2023’, prepared by NOA-Prism on behalf of ECMA, was released at their 2023 congress in Sevilla, Spain.

“This report is the most in-depth study of its kind for the cartonboard and folding carton industry, giving readers a deeper understanding of the elements that have been influencing our sector over the last two years,” explains Turner. “For the first time, the report includes information on the rapidly growing transition from plastic to fibre packaging. Since our last European Carton Prospects report in 2021, this report covers the post-COVID 19 challenges on our sector, highlighting the current sentiments on the market and a forecast of what the future may look like.”

The report is available free-of-charge for all ECMA members, while non-members can purchase the report directly from ECMA – contact ECMA directly here.


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