ebeam and INX

ebeam Technologies, the developer and manufacturer of electron beam (ebeam or EB) solutions, has announced a new addition to its growing list of partners that will boost the development of innovative ebeam solutions for print and packaging production. The new partner, INX International, offers a full line of ink & coatings technology solutions for commercial, packaging and digital print applications and is the third largest producer of ink in North America.

“At INX, our mission is to meet our customers’ needs and goals with technological developments and continuous improvement in environmentally clean manufacturing. We are excited to be partnering with ebeam because its low energy curing process provides a number of important features: ebeam-cured inks have a higher gloss, higher shine finish that is more scratch resistant due to the molecular crosslinking the beaming creates. ebeam is also ‘colour blind,’ so able to cure any colour, even metallics; and last but not least, ebeam inks are photoinitiator-free,” says Stefano Rogora, Sales & Marketing Manager, INX Digital International.

“ebeam technologies works with a wide variety of solutions developers to find new ways to help solve print and packaging challenges,” says Elsa Callini, Business Development Manager, ebeam Technologies. “INX is a fantastic new addition to our growing partner community and we’re really excited to be working with INX to help bring continued innovation to the print and packaging industry.”

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