EBB Board’s Expanding Portfolio

Elliott Baxter has been the UK stockist of the WestRock grade, Custom Kote (coated natural kraft board) since 2015 and confirm, from the same stable, the arrival of FoldKraft. If you’re looking for an uncoated Kraft paperboard solution that runs well and looks good, you’ve found it. FoldKraft is engineered for consistency and flatness to maximize equipment speed and minimise costly downtime. It runs extremely clean on press with minimal fibre picking.

FoldKraft’s market-leading smoothness delivers sharper images and excellent solid ink coverage. High tear strength and stiffness levels result in a strong and durable finished product. Also, produced with up to 15% recycled fibre, providing an option for meeting corporate sustainability goals. EBB Board has 720 x 1020mm sheet stock in all calipers ranging from 406-660mic and reel stocks are available for bespoke sizes (minimum 1 tonne) delivered in 7-10 working days.


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