Eagle Systems gets endorsement from Breit Technologies

Eagle Systems, Inc. has received a public endorsement of its cold foil technology and systems from Breit Technologies. As one of few American manufacturers of casting films, in less than two decades Breit has also grown to be a leading global supplier.

“When we first started Breit in 2005, Cast & Cure required acquiring films from as far away as China. The process was costly, time demanding and often frustrating,” says Tim Cain, Co-Founder. “We’ve simplified the process, cut turnaround time significantly and really worked with service providers and brand owners to help them better understand how Cast & Cure can benefit them in both packaging and promotions.”

Breit now supplies a majority of the American market, distributes films into over 35 countries, and works with just about every major CPG globally (including Procter & Gamble, Colgate, Gillette, General Mills and Crest). “Already this year, sales are up 40% from last year and 20%+ from pre-pandemic years. By year’s end we suspect we’ll surpass a 50% increase,” adds Cain. “The demand for Cast & Cure is rocketing and we don’t believe it’s even close to cresting.”

He continues, “As enthusiastic as we are to further educate the market, we’re also eager to partner with others in the industry. Eagle Systems has established themselves, both in America and abroad. We’ve worked with Mike King and his team for several years now and increasingly appreciate their passion and dedication to the printing and packaging community. They’re all about quality, productivity and of course sustainability. These are boom times, where capturing the increased attention of even 1% can translate to millions in sales. Brands are anxious to employ tried and tested techniques that really capture eyes on shelves. Yet, they also have to cost justify the process as well. Many of Eagle’s customers are getting over 20 reuses of film, when the industry average is around 12.”

Mike King, President, Eagle Systems, adds, “Over the last year, it seems like every packaging converter and brand owner I talk with is asking about Cast&Cure. From carton and product packaging to more unconventional products such as gift wrap, labels and even balloons, providers are seeking greater image value and impact. We endorse Breit because they have helped revolutionize this market and we’re all clearly reaping the benefits.”

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