Eagle Systems cold foiler for Puan Litographica

With 36 years of experience in the printing industry, José Sobral Aldecoa, Director General of Mexico-based Puan Litographica started his own printing business 23 years ago, printing shopping bags and greeting cards. The business has grown to fill a nearly 11,000 sq ft facility in southern Mexico City with state-of-the-art equipment. Puan regularly wins awards for finished packaging made for international customers in the pharmaceutical and beauty industries.

“Initially, our customers were not familiar with the many advantages of cold foil until we showed them the results,” comments Sobral. “We were able to save 2 to 3 times the production time and give customers their choice of any color printed on foil with readability in the smallest text on the foil.”

He continued, “We had heard about Eagle Systems and were keen to become part of the Eagle Systems family. First seeing them at trade shows, particularly at Drupa and, then visiting Eagle Systems in New Jersey. There, we were invited to visit a large printing house, see the system in action and talk to operators. The system does what they say and more. Once we made the decision to install the Eagle System on our Komori press, Eagle had us up, trained and running live jobs in just five days start to finish. Working with Eagle this closely has made us feel like part of their extended family.”

He adds, “Having the Eagle System has enabled the Puan packaging jobs to be foiled in-line without any secondary process saving time and money for us and our customers. Cold foil uses a printing plate for the same high definition in the printed foil text and images as on the rest of the package. With hot foil, colors had to be ordered in advance to be applied in a separate process. As the cold foil process is overprinted, any color can be used or changed at the customers direction. We went from 3 to 5,000 packages per hour in an after process to 8,000 packages per hour with the foil applied in-line.”

Sobral concludes, “Our customers appreciate that Eagle cold foil is 100% recyclable, they are asking us to be green. We have educated our customers about this process and now they ask for it.”

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