E+L and BM-Sensor

Ralf Schomaker, CEO of E+L Corrugated, the specialist for web guiding/web tension control and process automation for corrugators, and Jürgen Peter Bäuml, Managing Director of BM-Sensor, an innovative company for package solutions in energy and measurement engineering, have entered a strategic alliance. This formal step validates a trusting partnership that has been established for some time now.

“Today’s key word is industry 4.0 – therefore, the declared objective is to join the strengths and know-how of both companies to develop innovative products for the ongoing process automation for corrugators,” explains Mr Schomaker. “Solution packages from BM-SynEnergy will become optional parts of the ELCorruMatic and the E+L System for process automation. The systems will complement one another and form two integral facets to one comprehensive solution.”

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