DW Cases install another Kolbus Autobox

Since being established in 1981, DW Cases has been supplying corrugated boxes to customers in a wide range of industries including engineering, food, retail, medical, textile, printing, and removals. For around half of that time, they have been using Autobox machines to make corrugated protective packaging products for their customers.

It was not surprising that when they wanted to increase their box making capacity they looked to the Autobox range to add to their capacity. The Kolbus Autobox AB300 is capable of producing around 50 box styles including 0411, partitions, trays, 0201, pallet boxes and more. With energy costs increasing for all companies, an increasingly important aspect of all Autobox machines is their low running cost. Utilising the machine’s kinetic energy, the AB300 only uses 0.4 to 0.66 kWh – less than most household appliances.

The new Autobox AB300 was ordered for delivery to the DW Cases plant in Musselburgh, in January.  To minimise disruption and workflow at the plant, careful pre-planning took place, resulting in the AB300 being up and running on day one.

Craig Dunkinson of DW Cases with the new Kolbus Autobox AB300.

Barclay and Craig Dunkinson, owners, DW Cases, said, “Autobox’s lead time was exactly what they said it would be. Kolbus UK’s engineering manager sent us a pre-installation guide and was available for technical assistance throughout the process. This gave us peace of mind as we don’t install machinery every day. They were supportive and we had the machine making customer jobs on day two. We were impressed with the set-up times and the quality of box the new machine makes.”

Arran Sethi, Director of Sales, Kolbus UK, said, “DW Cases are yet another customer coming back to add another Autobox machine to their line up. They know that they get a machine that will do what it says, and more. What they also find reassuring is that Kolbus Autobox make most of the parts that go into these machines in-house, using their components manufacturing division. We have a huge spare parts stock, as well as a team of time-served managers and engineers, reducing any potential downtime.”

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