Durham Box’s digital print efficiency delivers cost savings for D-Line

By offering a combined packaging and POS solution on their EFI Nozomi digital press, Durham Box is providing cable management company, D-Line, with cost savings of 35-40% on their packaging and display requirements.

Durham Box first started working with D-Line in 2017, producing conventional kraft printed transit and shelf-ready packaging. More recently and based on changing customer demands, D-Line needed Durham Box to create new eye-catching premium primary packaging for emerging new product lines.

Following their investment in a Nozomi C-18000 single-pass inkjet in May 2019, Durham Box has been able to drive capacity through the machine by providing customers with packaging and POS in one streamlined, innovative and efficient process. The ability to print and manufacture secondary corrugated packaging – SRP’s, trays or outers – by using the same method to print POS/FSDUs, provides continuity of finish, colour and quality across all promotional opportunities. As the first UK Nozomi user with a white ink capability, Durham Box can also match a broader range of brand and Pantone colours on brown kraft corrugated board, as well as produce higher-quality halftone images on that type of material. Using this combined approach, Durham Box converted and ran D-Line’s inner primary packaging on the digital press, in addition to their display packaging, both of which resulted in a perfect finish and a cost reduction.

“There is complete flexibility in production with Durham Box, together with incredible cost savings compared to our previous supplier,” said D-Line’s Leigh Bestford. “The print quality on their Nozomi is superb – I especially like the gloss that the printing process gives on the display units – it helps them stand out in-store. We are confident that when we give them a project to design, they will come back with the best and most cost-effective solution for our needs. Prototyping is rapid and usually only requires minor tweaks to get to the final product.”

“Our work for D-Line represents exactly what the Nozomi is capable of doing,” said Andy Smith, Durham Box’s POS business development director. “There is a new dynamic, and it’s an exciting time for us, providing brands with so many possibilities to upscale their creative promotional targets.”

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