Dücker gets financial support, comes out of Receivership

On 30th May, all formal and legal requirements to allow investor Nimbus to inject new funds into Dücker Conveyor Systems GmbH have been satisfied. Consequently, the company is fully refinanced to continue its business with Nimbus as a machine-building specialist at its side.

“As a customer we don’t have to tell you much about Dücker Conveyor Systems other than that we are pleased to say that throughout the process of finding the right investor, the order book has grown and the employees have remained loyal and cohesive as a group. They actively support the Nimbus solution,” explains Markus Dücker, CEO.

Nimbus is an industrial investor with a long term horizon. Since 1996, it has invested in dozens of machine building companies in Germany and the Netherlands that were at a critical junction in their development – either due to a carve-out of a mother company, or a succession issue or a temporary crisis of any nature (technical, legal, financial). The Nimbus team consists of a mixed team of engineers and business people – all with previous experience in industrial companies. With a combined turnover of €2.5 bn in its holdings, Nimbus is one of the largest players in the European machine-building market, safeguarding and giving new strategic directions to its companies.

“Alongside the Dücker family that remains a minority shareholder, Nimbus is thankful for being given the chance to help Dücker Conveyor Systems confront the next decade,” says Christian Basedow of Nimbus. “One of the main focus points will be to professionalise processes in the project management lifecycle, especially those that concern interactions with customers and suppliers. What has particularly attracted us is the quality of the Dücker people and the readiness for teamwork and innovation in the company.”

The management team will be reinforced by Christian Basedow of Nimbus, bringing a high expertise in turnaround management, finance and operations. Three more Nimbus professionals will support the management team in its transition program. At the same time, Peter Dücker will support the transition as a consultant of the management team and the shareholders.

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