DS Smith manufactures box produced with circular design metrics

DS Smith has designed and manufactured one of the first fibre-based solutions using its Circular Design Metrics, to support a COP26 initiative led by Toast Ale that highlights the role of food waste in climate change.

The Companion Series, led by drinks company Toast Ale and in partnership with 25 breweries across the UK and Ireland – including Guinness and Adnams, is a limited-edition collection of beers brewed with surplus bread to prevent food waste. With one third of the world’s food never being eaten, the initiative is working to reduce food waste so that the land and resources used, and greenhouse gases emitted, are not wasted.

There will be 2,600 Companion Series boxes available to purchase, being manufactured and supplied by DS Smith. The boxes have been produced using their Circular Design Metrics for the first time, together with DS Smith PACE principles which ensures fit-for-purpose packaging and minimum use of fibre through supply chain optimisation with limited CO2 impact.

Dave Ellerington, Head of Design & Innovation and Business Development, DS Smith Packaging UK & Ireland, said, “Design is one of the essential elements of the Circular Economy and we are thrilled to put our design principles and unique circular design metrics into practice for the first time, in the FMCG industry. By employing these metrics, the figures show how well-designed packaging can be pivotal in reducing overall environmental impact, helping companies in a wide range of sectors to reduce waste and pollution, keep materials and products in use for longer and have a clear view of their packaging designs circularity performance to deliver on their sustainability promise.

Adam Platts, Director of Sales, Marketing and Innovation, DS Smith Packaging, UK & Ireland said, “We’re proud to be partnering with Toast Ale on its important initiative to reduce food waste, and the partnership is testament to our commitment to supporting the drinks industry with their sustainability targets and accelerating action towards to goals of the Paris agreement and the UN Framework convention on Climate Change.”

The limited-edition Companion Series is available for purchase on Toast’s website, with the aim to raise £65,000 for conservation and regenerative agriculture organisation to protect 3.25 million trees in threatened tropical rainforests and sequester 360 tCO2 in agricultural soils.


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