Service to help smaller e-retailers compete with larger operators, with UK’s busiest e-commerce period approaching

Ahead of Black Friday, DS Smith has launched a fully-customisable packaging printing service for smaller online retailers looking to challenge the tailored online customer experience offered by larger retailers. Part of DS Smith ePack, the company’s online packaging store for e-commerce firms which launched earlier this year, the digital printing service has an order lead time of just five days – 25 days quicker than some alternatives. The DS Smith ePack web store also offers small batch orders starting from just 100 boxes in addition to options on packaging type and printing preferences.

Isabel Rocher, Head of e-Commerce Solutions at DS Smith, says, “The latest update to our DS Smith ePack platform is aimed at providing a level playing field so that smaller e-tailers can offer the same service and level of personalisation that larger e-commerce companies can. With one of the biggest days in the retail calendar rapidly approaching, we’re committed to helping smaller retailers achieve a competitive edge against the bigger players, during Black Friday and beyond.

“Personalisation of packaging is a developing area, but one we know significantly enhances end user experience. Our bespoke printing service enables customers to produce small batches tailored for specific events or promotions, to print bespoke vouchers or coupons, or individualised messages or images on the outside of each box. The five-working-day turnaround means greater responsiveness, which is aimed at providing a great experience for their own customers. We’re very proud to be able to help companies make strides forward in this area.” 

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