DS Smith helps reduce CO2 emissions with rounded corners on beer box

DS Smith has partnered with Carlsberg in Poland to introduce DS Smith Round Wrap to selected product lines.

Round Wrap is a multi-pack packaging solution that rounds corners, and it is designed to reduce CO2 emissions when compared to standard corrugated multi-packs. The product solution is fully recyclable, and the curved corners work to reduce the use of shrink film on the pallet.

The company says this solution is anticipated to save up to 224 tons of CO2 annually for Carlsberg in Poland. This simple, but innovative new shape helps to protect the corners of the packaging solution and keep them intact during transportation.

The rounded shape of Round Wrap packaging solutions also has notable additional benefits for Carlsberg Poland in relation to branding and design. There are increased opportunities to place brand identity and illustration on the rounded corners, and across the entire 360-degree side surface of the packs. From a retail perspective, a survey conducted by research firm Toluna in December 2023 highlighted that consumers do prefer Round Wrap with 77% of respondents answering that they are more likely to ‘purchase Enhanced Wrap Around design compared to other solutions.

Reinier Schlatmann, Regional Managing Director, Packaging Division, East Europe, DS Smith, said, “We are proud to partner with Carlsberg Poland for a trial launch of the DS Smith Round Wrap. This sustainable packaging innovation was developed using our Circular Design Metrics, offering durability, supply chain advantages and branding opportunities. This is aligned with our company wide commitment to Redefining Packaging for a Changing World and our Now & Next Sustainability strategy and mission as we help our customers to design out waste and move towards a circular economy.”

Round Wrap utilises Arcwise® technology and Carlsberg Poland are currently trialling the packaging solution for its Carlsberg, Garage and Somersby beer product ranges.

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