DS Smith and Laylo partner to deliver elegant design solution

Laylo, a premium boxed wine retailer, was seeking the right partner to design a packaging solution that not only looked great but would ensure no damage occurred to the product while in transit. A problem, the founders say, that was occurring frequently and compromised the premium, more sustainable unboxing experience they had hoped to deliver.

The new packaging needed to be planet safe without compromising its core function of preventing damage to the wine. To do this, DS Smith’s Creative Design Team created a strong, protective, yet elegant design solution.

By offsetting the inner wine packs at an angle, DS Smith was able to reduce the number of exposed edges and corners that could potentially be damaged. The inner fitting works in harmony with the wine packs and the outer pack to cradle, support and protect the product from any drops, impacts and shocks.

“We established Laylo because we saw the sustainability benefits of boxed wine, and we knew our biggest challenge was to change perceptions around quality. To do that, we designed beautiful packaging you’d be proud to have on your countertop. We want every box to arrive in perfect condition, and for the unboxing experience to demonstrate the quality and expertise behind the brand,” said Laura Rosenberger, Co-Founder at Laylo.

As well as ensuring the wine was protected while out for delivery, enhancing the customer opening experience was also a priority for Laylo. DS Smith therefore combined print and structure, with a two-step open and reveal – that demonstrated Laylo’s commitment of care for the customer and product.

Rosenberger continues, “DS Smith has been the perfect packaging partner to work with. From start to finish, the collaborative and hands-on approach to design and product development left us feeling assured that our new packaging could withstand the rigours of the supply chain and wow our customers.”

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