Druckhaus Mainfranken installs the first Scodix Ultra 6000 powered by SHD in EMEA

Scodix has confirmed that German printer, Druckhaus Mainfranken GmbH, has invested in the Scodix Ultra 6000 SHD, the first sold in EMEA.

Druckhaus Mainfranken is a leading provider of printing solutions for smaller quantities of a wide range of printed products, a position it has held for almost two decades, enduring as one of the most important online printers in Europe. The Ultra 6000 SHD will be installed at the Marktheidenfeld plant, one of five sites in Germany, servicing medium and large-sized customers with premium quality printed products. The press promises to differentiate its business from the competition and decision-makers at Druckhaus Mainfranken consider Scodix embellishments offer the key to success:

“With our fast turnarounds, our customers are choosing to order the exact quantities needed on-demand,” states Ulrich Stetter, CEO, Druckhaus Mainfranken, “As order quantities drop, the frequency of receiving orders increases. The productivity of Scodix matches this demand for more shorter runs, which is vital considering our customers are continually exploring more design options to make their printed products stand out. From an economic standpoint, Scodix promises to offer us the flexibility to extend to a wider range of embellishments without ramping up the cost of production. This gives us the versatility required to meet customer demand for short runs, with a wider range of finishing techniques, without increased costs or turnaround times. A huge win-win.”

In addition to the popular Scodix Sense™ and Scodix Foil™ embellishments, the Scodix Ultra 6000 powered by SHD offers a wide variety of digital finishing options that impact the customer experience greatly. For example, Scodix Cast&Cure enables interesting lighting effects and high-quality optical effects by de-embossing a pattern in the lacquered surface, encouraging customers to innovate and create influential designs and products.

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