Domtar and Kingsport continue partnership with land swap

Domtar recently announced a land swap with Kingsport as part of their mill conversion initiative. As part of the project to convert the mill to manufacture recycled linerboard, Domtar agreed to swap land parcels with the city — a park for a park — creating new opportunities for each location.

The city will receive the 40-acre Cement Hill property, located behind Kingsport’s train station, which is next to the 112-acre Brickyard Park property. In exchange, Domtar will receive Domtar Cloud Park and will contribute $500,000 toward relocating the memorial Scott Adams skate park that is currently located in Domtar Cloud Park.

The land swap will enable the mill to construct a new loading area after the conversion is complete in 2023.

“Outside of job creation, we have a very strong presence in the community. We have many generations of families working within our walls and have donated big parcels of land to the town for educational and recreational purposes,” said Charlie Floyd, a Domtar vice president and former Kingsport mill manager.

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