Domino’s next generation TIJ printers set new standard

Domino is launching the Gx-Series, a new range of high-quality thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers optimised for fast, efficient and accurate coding, on product labels, flexible films, and cartons. Versatile and easy to operate, Gx-Series printers are equipped to meet the needs of an evolving global marketplace characterised by rapid changes in production schedules and fluctuations in consumer demand.

“Today, more than ever, manufacturers need to be equipped to handle last minute changes to production schedules, including quick product changeovers, in order to satisfy demand,” says Alexandros Mountis, TIJ Product Manager at Domino. “The Gx-Series has been designed with this level of agility in mind – to help manufacturers to keep pace with the pressures of a modern marketplace.”

He continues, “Currently, key industries including food, beverage and pharmaceuticals are struggling with unprecedented levels of demand owing to the coronavirus pandemic. This demand is especially difficult to address while adhering to government advice on social distancing and coping with a reduction in staff numbers.”

Mountis adds, “This a prime example of the challenges that we strive to help manufacturers overcome. With the Gx-Series, we have designed a printer that is versatile, and easy to adapt to changing production schedules, which also provides a solution for remote monitoring and control, allowing production and engineering to focus on value-add projects.”

Domino developed the Gx-Series in consultation with customers across the globe, to ensure a solution that meets the needs of manufacturers now and in the future. The next-generation printers are compatible with all languages and suitable for use across industries including pharmaceuticals, electronics, food and beverage, with customisable options available to suit individual production needs.

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